IWIWIW: The Short and Sweet Guide to Being Fucking Awesome

I Wish I Wrote:

by  Julien Smith of In Over Your Head on January 24, 2011

 Why I Wish I Wrote It:

It’s basically an inspirational self-help post in disguise, but with over 5000 likes, 1500 re-tweets, and 145 comments, clearly it works.  As suggested by the title, it is short and sweet, with 3 easy to remember “standards of awesomeness” – which is great because ain’t nobody got time to read long, complicated articles.

The message is simple, easy to remember, and 100% relevant and doable for everyone:

From this day forth, your purpose is to be the most fucking awesome person you can imagine being.

That’s it, folks.  Just be awesome.  (I mean, you obviously already are pretty fricken awesome because you’re here reading my blog.)

Also, there is a picture of a shark in space!


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