Introducing IWIWIW

I Wish I Wrote It Wednesdays.

A new (hopefully) weekly feature here on my blog.

In my brain, this was a brilliant, new, 100% unique idea … but Google tells me that it’s not. Damn! But anyways, in case the title doesn’t completely give it away, the idea is I’m going to post something that I wish I wrote on Wednesdays. It could be an article, blog post, book, song, email, note, tweet, whatever – as long it resonates with me in some way.

The purpose is of course to share the brilliant things that I come across in my life with all the lucky people that read my blog, but there are also selfish reasons: those being to (hopefully) attract/retain more readers, to give me more direction with what I write, and of course, to keep me writing.

So… here we go with my IWIWIW debut!

I Wish I Wrote:


by AG of Regected Riter on September 22, 2011.

Why I Wish I Wrote It:

Well for one, it’s quite witty and humorous, and I am neither of those things. But I am a former theatre major (and aspiring writer?), so I can relate to being asked “So when are you gonna be on the Broadway?”  Silly people… I was on already on Broadway!  See:


Ok, so maybe not quite.  Regardless, this post is GOLD! I’ve often made fun of/rolled my eyes at what’s passing for musicals these days, and love how this guy blatantly points out just how ridiculous it is. I could rant and rave about how these types of musicals are the equivalent of reality tv shows, and that theatre should be a tool to educate and not lower itself to the lowest common denominator to please the masses and sell as much crappy merchandise as possible, but I won’t.

Although I will never be a fan of the “dartboard” approach to writing musicals, if it’s gets people to see live theatre, then Bring It On! (See what I did there? Because they made the cheer-leading movie in a musical?… Anyone?… No?… Okay I’ll stop.)

If you ever have a recommendation for IWIWIW, please let me know!



2 thoughts on “Introducing IWIWIW

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