Two Jobs

As mentioned in my last post, I have two jobs – a full time “career” job as an Arts Educator/Administrator, and a part-time, seasonal job as a Bar Manager – both at the same theatre.  For the most part, I like both jobs, but it’s become clear in the last 6 weeks that I just can’t do this anymore.

“Working a PT job to make extra $$ is counter-productive when it causes you to miss work at your FT job.” – My Twitter

I’ve been sick with this chest cold for over a month now because I haven’t had much time off to rest and recuperate.  So I called in sick on Monday (FT job), knowing that I’ll be working an extra 20 hours this weekend (PT job).  In other words, I lost 1 day of FT pay ($100*) in order to work an extra 2.5 days of PT pay ($180*).  Is it really worth it?

* Note: I don’t actually want to disclose my income, so I just picked a round number to illustrate my point

Another issue I have with this part time job is how often the jobs overlap – and not in my favour.  For example, I spent most of my day on Tuesday sorting out Bar Manager things while on Education time.  Now I’m behind with the Education things, and did not make any “extra” money – which really is the whole point of the second job.  And this happens A LOT.  If the Bar Manager was someone from outside of the building, they would have been paid to come in and do all those things, but not me.

In my last post I wrote: “I probably end up spending close to the same amount that I’m bringing in from this extra job.   Ok, probably not, but I certainly spend more and pay less attention to my finances when I’m working both jobs then when I’m only working the one.”

Well, this weekend when I was stuck in the airport, I actually started to crunch the numbers.  Turns out – – between the fast food, the wasted groceries, the extra gas (I have to use my car to do the bar shopping), the unused gym membership, and the sick days – I DO end up spending close to the same amount that I’m bringing in from this extra job.

I’ll admit that I’m worried that money will be tight if/when I do give up this second job; that I’ll still eat mostly fast food and not go to the gym, etc.  But, so far in October, I’ve done a really good job of tracking my spending.  Next comes budgeting, and figuring out if I could survive on just one income happily or not.  For the next 2-3 months, I’m going to live solely off my regular pay checks, and the money I make from the second job (including tips) are going directly into my TFSA.  If I can survive the Christmas season, there is no reason I couldn’t survive the rest of the year.  But if I really can’t do it, I’ll still have both jobs, and will have to reassess what to do then.


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