Not Another “12 Ways to Get Motivated” Post

Lately I feel as if I’ve been in a slump; not my usual, overly-dramatic and hardly-true “I hate my life” kind of slump, but a motivational slump.

I completely fell of track with eating better and working out (even though I had only made marginal progress with either back in the fall).  I was, however, at least seeing a naturalpath, eating at home more often than not, and getting to the gym twice a week.  I still had/have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but currently I can’t get passed the desire and actually do something about it.

It’s easy to blame some of this on the fact that I spent about 2 months finding a new apartment, packing, painting, moving, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, and decorating, with Christmas right in the middle of it all.  Not having a kitchen is a good excuse, right? But now that I’m all settled in, what’s my excuse now?  I have been in my new apartment for over a month, and I have yet to even turn on my oven or stove. And my gym membership?  I’ve been there twice in 2012.  Gross.

Because of this slump, my finances are all out of whack too.  Despite having more or less the same income, I’ve stopped contributing to my TFSA, but still have no money.  Everything’s being charged on the credit card that is supposed to be for emergencies only, and the paychecks are gone before I get them.  Yet, I have little idea where this money is actually going. All I have to show for it are pants that are now too tight.

What is bothering me the most is how this lack of motivation is affecting me mentally.  I’m tired a lot, and my brain is working at like 50% efficiency.  I’m starting to loose things and forget things, which isn’t like me at all. It’s taken me hours to write this post in a coherent way, despite being less than 500 words.  Obviously this makes getting shit done at work hard, too.

I decided to turn to Google to see if it had the answers and found a kajillion different “245435 ways to get motivated” sites and videos that all say the same (obvious) things – none of which actually offered any new insight for me.  I still want to go home to nap on my lunch break, swing by the drive-thru on the way back and eat at my desk to help kill time before I can leave, swing by another drive-thru and lay on my couch all evening watching “Sons of Anarchy”.  How embarrassing/slothful is that? (It is a damn good show, though.)

I’m tempted to pose the question to those of your reading this, but I’m pretty sure I can guess what you’d say.  I’m guess I’m too “unmotivated” to make this post have any real point.


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