Goal #42. Book # 1 – Lives of the Circus Animals

42. Read 30 Books

1. Lives of the Circus Animals by Christopher Bram – July 10, 2011
Lives of the Circus Animals is a brilliant (2003) comedy about New York theater people: actors, writers, personal assistants, and a drama critic for the New York Times. They are male, female, straight, gay, in love with their work or in love with each other, and one of them, British star Henry Lewse, “the Hamlet of his generation,” is famous. Award-winning novelist Christopher Bram gives us ten days and nights in this small-town world in the heart of a big city, an engaging novel that is also a satiric celebration of the quest for sanity in the face of those two impostors, success and failure.

Personally, I thought this book was ok.  It was a simple, shorter read that resonated well with me, being in the theatre biz, and wanting to go to New York City.  There was more sexual content then I had expected, but nothing too intense, and a small twist towards the end that I felt was the books saving grace.  I bought it on clearance, and it was worth the $4 I spent.


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