Goal #41. Attend 25 Cultural Events – For Women Only

41. Attend/Participate in 25 Cultural Events

1. For Women Only – a local theatre performance – July 28, 2011

As an employee of a professional theatre, I see a lot of profession theatre (duh), but I don’t see a lot of ametuer or community theatre outside of my classroom, so it was nice to finally get out and do just that.  I had seen posters around town for this show, and knew two of the four girls in it, so I thought, why not?  My friend B. came with me.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect.  Turns out it was sort of a variety show with short scenes mixed with monolouges and songs.  It was actually really, really good.  I know that because of my background, I tend to pay more attention to the behind the scene stuff, and analyze things – I don’t really pay attention to the plot.  This performance, however, was simple and “bare-boned” there wasn’t a whole lot else to pay attention to other then the plot, therefore I was able to focus on it and really enjoyed it.


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