Goal #18. Restaurants #1 – The Sultan’s Tent

1. The Sultan’s Tent in Toronto, ON – Oct 5/11

We wanted to do something fun and a little different for my sister’s bachelorette party since strippers were out of the question, so my older sister suggested the Sultan’s Tent because they had live belly-dancers (and as you can see in the photo below, it’s beautiful!).

I am not a fan of Indian food (even though the food here was mild) so I was glad they were participating in a local food initiative, and had a small menu of local produce we could choose from.  The way this place worked was that you paid a flat rate, and you selected one item from each of the four courses (a few options had an additional charge).  Four courses is a lot of food!  I started with a potato soup off the local menu, followed by a green salad, and then the chicken marakesh served with couscous.  My sister also got the chicken and she found it too sweet; it was smothered in a honey sauce which I loved.  But like I said, it was a lot of food.  For dessert I had an apple caramel cheesecake from the local menu which was so amazing, I made room for it.  I had intended on sampling my sisters’ and/or the other bridesmaid’s dishes but got distracted by the wine, the dancing, and the fact that my camera (the only one we had with the exception of camera phones) conked out after only one photo (RAGE!).  Here is said photo:

Since we made my sister wear a crown and “bride to be” sash, they made her dance.  She was reluctant, and made us all join her.  It was fun, but man, I am a horrible dancer!!  At least we were all pretty bad… There were these little girls under the age of 3 that were dancing who were substantially better than us. The dancers themselves were, of course, amazing, and very friendly too.

There was a little mix-up with the reservation, and then the bill at the end of the night, but both were solved pretty easily.   I would recommend this place if you are looking for somewhere to go for a party or a romantic date in the GTA.

And remember: Aneil set you.   🙂


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