Goal #40. Concert #1 – Rise Against

1. Rise Against – Oct. 4/11
The boyf and I have been hearing that Rise Against was coming to town with Flogging Molly for months and months, but because of his whacked schedule, we didn’t make any decisions on whether or not we would/could go.  Up until the day before, he was under the impression he was working that night.  Not that it mattered for me by that point, because I had to work til 7:30, then pop back into work between 9-9:45, so I had dismissed it completely.  (Not the mention the fact that I was leaving the next day to go to my sister’s wedding and hadn’t packed yet.)  But, I ended up being done-done work at 7:30, and at about 8:30 got a phone call telling me that he was at the venue, with a spare ticket hidden outside of his van for me.  I hesitated for about 30 seconds, and decided that since my packing list was already made, I should go to the show.  We ended up missing the opening band and Flogging Molly, but saw Rise Against’s entire set.  (I’ve seen them once before, like 6 years ago.)  It was SO EMPTY in there, and the security guards were being  complete douches – kicking people out for going on the stage.  I was in the pit, but stuck to the back for fear of chipping a tooth or something like that and ruining all the wedding pictures – I only got slammed into the boards once, and ended up with a nice ass bruise.  The set was pretty good – they played most of their “better-known” stuff and not a lot of the non-singles, but they still put on a really good show.   Plus the singer, Tim McIlrath, is nice to look at.


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