Goal #17. Say Yes #1 – Labour Day Camping

Say Yes When I Want to Say No #1

Way back on labour day weekend, (Sept. 3-5) the boyf and I went camping – finally!  We drove to a provincial park campground about two hours away, and spent two nights there.  It was cool temperature-wise, but we were both still surprised at how empty the grounds were being the last long-weekend of summer and all.  Anywho, we chose this campground because of the lovely hikes in the area. He’s a big outdoorsman, who goes rock climbing and ice climbing in his spare time.  I’m a recovering couch potato.  When we started down the groomed trail for the one hike, he immediately ventured off to the water fall, hoping across it from rock to rock while I hung-back, hoping to return to the trail.  As I stood there, not moving, he asked me if I was seriously not going to come out any further.  Reluctantly, and at a snail’s pace, I sucked it up and went (a.k.a. I said yes, when I wanted to say no).

The rocks were really slippery and with my history of knee injuries and general clumsiness, I was particularly paranoid.  Really, the water was so low that I would have had a wet foot and minor scrapes if I did fall, but I was definitely outside my comfort zone.  We stopped throughout our journey down the riverbed to take pictures – me and my little pocket digital camera (that has since broke), him with his fancy high-tech toy.  While some of my photos turned out really good, his are of course, amazing.

At one point, we weren’t able to walk down the riverbed any further, and we had to essentially climb a moss-wall to get back to the trail.  The second my feet hit the wooden bridge, I felt amazing that not only did I not die, but I took a chance, and it was awesome!  My legs were ridiculously sore the next day, but I hardly remember that.   I do  remember the detour I took to get the pictures, and how the mini-adventure motivated me to get my ass in shape so that I can go on bigger and better adventures in the future.

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