Checking In

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged!  I am not neglecting it intentionally – I’ve just been that busy, I suppose.   I wish I had something witty or interesting to post about, but I don’t.  Just checking in… documenting things to come in regards to the 101 List.

Work has particularly been busy – which is very much welcomed after the incident surrounding my last post.  We’re gearing up for our new season, applying for grants, prepping for classes to start, and we spent a day moving furniture around to accommodate a new server closet.  It took me days to re-organize my desk and files after that (who am I kidding – there are still boxes of papers to sort through).  The move left me with a big, blank, boring tan-coloured wall in my face all day.  I ordered something off Etsy that will be filling this gap upon their arrival from England.  (I’ll post pictures, and update my 101 list when they do!)  All this also means that my second job has begun.  Nothing like being handed blank cheques for the beer store and liquor store!

I spent the long-weekend camping with the boyf, which was a great way to “end the summer”.  Wish we could have got out camping more than just this once, but I’m (begrudgingly) used to our schedules never lining up.  This little trip also progressed another 101 item that I will post about later.

And in three weeks from right now, I will be at my sister’s place, possibly hung over after her “bachelorette party” and/or running around doing all the last minute wedding things she needs before her wedding on October 8th.  I get stressed when I think about all the things I still need to do – can’t imagine what she’s going through!  All the more reason I’m going  to elope!


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