10 Things I Like About My Job

I’ve had a pretty rough week at work; I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t been sleeping or if it’s causing the sleeping problems.  Either way, I’m ecstatic that it’s Friday. It would be easy for me to write a novella about what made this week difficult, difficult, lemon difficult, but I won’t.  Instead, I’m going to take a page from those up-beat-motivational-change-your-life-in-these-three-easy-steps-types and write about the good things of my job.

1. Very few of my friends have “career” jobs. A lot of them are either still in school, have gone back to school, or are working part time while job hunting.

2. I get to spend about 10% of my time working directly with kids and teens. Considering I’ve never done that teacher’s college thing, and am still relatively new to classroom management and lesson planning and all of that, I feel that 10% is the perfect amount of time. It leaves me lots of time to plan, and prepare, and create a plan B (and sometimes C and D). And if I’m having a bad day, or they are, it’s usually only an hour and half before mom or dad come to get them – not the 6 hour days school teachers have to deal with.

3. Many of these kids have “important” parents (by that I mean they are presidents and CEO’s of local business and such) which could potentially come in handy for me in the future in a networking sense.

4. I get a small taste of what parent-hood must be like when I see one of my students in a play or a commercial, hear they received a scholarship for university, or even just seeing their faces after a successful performance for their family & friends.

5. Some of these kids are So. Freaking. Adorable.  and as mentioned in this post, they say the funniest things.

6. When I was in grad school, we were told that in the non-profit sector, particularly the theatre world:

  • You will have a hard time getting hired because there aren’t a lot of jobs available – be prepared to serve coffee to pay the bills for the first little while.
  • You will never start out in the exact field you want. You got to start somewhere else, often by volunteering or interning, and work your way up.
  • You will never make more that $50,000 per year.
  • You will never get health benefits (unless they are through your partner)

Well, I proved three of the 4 wrong (so far). I was hired while still a student, in the exact field I want, and have benefits (which is extremely rare for this type of job). Now about that mega-raise…

7. Job security. Although I sometimes worry about the dwindling numbers of kids registering for classes and/or amount of school groups coming to see our shows, knowing that education is in our mandate and generates funding from grants and sponsors is encouraging. As is the fact that firing someone actually takes a lot of effort.

8. Generally speaking, I am usually left to do my own thing. I don’t have to submit lesson plans to be approved or give them a daily update as to who called, or things like that.  When I am running evening/weekend classes, I  get to create that schedule and schedule my work hours around it.  For example, last year I only worked 4 hours most Fridays.

9. It’s quite low stressed. With the exception of an extra job I took on in the spring, I can probably count on my fingers the numbers of times I’ve actually been stressed out at work. My deadlines are usually few and far between, which allows me to work at my own pace, and switch between tasks as needed by my brain and (lack of) attention span.

10. Free theatre! And not just for me, but I can bring a couple of friends for free too.  It’s so interesting to go from reading the script, to meeting the cast, to seeing the set, to seeing the final performance.  The only downside is when I go to see other theatre productions, I spend more time thinking about and watching the prodction-side “behind the scenes” things then the actual performance.


One thought on “10 Things I Like About My Job

  1. Hello from Tennessee.

    I forgot where I found your blog, but I think it was 20sb.net, or when I was looking for ideas for my own ‘101 in 1001’ list. I can’t follow your blog because I only have Blogger, but it’s in my ‘Blogs I Read’ folder in my ‘Favorites’ on my computer, so I’ll be visiting frequently because I love lists.

    That being said, if you would like to give my site a twirl, where I do my own 101 list, as well as write about other randomness, it’s a http://www.dadtolibbs.com.

    I love to hear from my readers. Hope you enjoy.

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